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If you are like me and born in the month of May, then you just might receive an emerald for your birthday. Or if you're prepared to wait, it is also the gemstone marking 20 and 35 years of marriage. I just might have to wait for that! ...

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We've been flat out this week doing our post-fashion week analysis of the key catwalk and street style jewellery trends for Adorn Insight. As you probably all realise by now, all of that information sits behind Adorn Insight's login wall and is accessed by jewellery brands around the world who use our market intelligence to develop their own internal strategies ...

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It's no secret that we like to have fun here at Adorn HQ, and who wouldn't enjoy their work when it involves days filled with beautiful jewels? But as with all consumer sectors, the jewellery industry is not without its challenges, and that's something we take very seriously too ...

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